Tony Slattery 'moved' by reaction to documentary

, on BBC Two's Horizon on Thursday, was broadcasting following a revealing , on BBC Two's Horizon on Thursday, was broadcasting following a revealing

in 2019.

The programme followed the Whose Line Is It Anyway? star as he attempted to connect the dots between his bipolar disorder, drug and alcohol use, and the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of a priest.

"I'm genuinely moved by all your messages of love, kindness, & support,"

on Friday, paying special homage to his partner Mark - "the love of my life".

Slattery was a stand-up comedy TV star of the 80s and 90s but vanished from the public eye afterwards, due to deep-rooted and wide-ranging personal issues.

Viewers from around the worlds of medicine, comedy and beyond have praised him for telling his story.

who appears in the feature to discuss his own experiences of mental health issues, described Slattery - a fellow ex-member the Cambridge University Footlights comedy set - as being "painfully honest and as always utterly lovable".

Another comedian and broadcaster,

, said it was "sad to watch" but "a documentary that is definitely worth your time".

Ahead of the showing going out, Slattery told

it was "a privilege" to speak to experts about such issues which he says are "widespread, regardless of class or upbringing or money".

"There was denial," he added. "Because I thought, 'look, some things happened a quarter of a century ago, I'm 60 now, [it was] when I was eight, what is the point?'"

gave the feature five stars, with Carol Midgley, writing it was about "how a comedian's tragedy was redeemed by love".

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