Covid-19: UK volunteers could be given virus to test vaccine

It is understood the studies - first reported It is understood the studies - first reported

- would be conducted in London.

The UK government said it was holding discussions about developing a vaccine through such "human challenge studies".

No contracts have yet been signed, the BBC understands.

A spokesman for the government said: "We are working with partners to understand how we might collaborate on the potential development of a Covid-19 vaccine through human challenge studies.

"These discussions are part of our work to research ways of treating, limiting and hopefully preventing the virus so we can end the pandemic sooner."

Research to find a coronavirus vaccine is under way at breakneck speed around the globe.

There are currently 36 vaccines in clinical trials, including one being developed by the University of Oxford that is already


There are - perhaps surprisingly - lots of young, healthy people ready to volunteer for coronavirus challenge trials.

It would be a way of finding out, almost immediately, whether a vaccine works.

And it could help speed the selection of the promising coronavirus vaccines.

The health of the volunteers would be monitored round the clock at a clinical research facility in London.

I understand that no contracts for the study, which would be government funded, have yet been signed, but the hope is they could begin in January.

What's been holding things up are ethical considerations - challenge studies have been used to test vaccines for flu, cholera and typhoid, but in each case there was an effective treatment to prevent volunteers from falling ill.

With coronavirus, there would be an added level of risk - but it's one that volunteers say they are willing to take.

A successful vaccine would provide some protection against the virus by training people's immune systems to fight it so they should not become sick.

This would allow lockdowns to be lifted more safely, and social distancing to be relaxed.

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